What is Download™?

Download is a learning methodology based upon the neuroscience of the long-term memory.

Download modules are structured and time sequenced to trigger the synapses in the brain that form long-term memory.

By harnessing the power of the long-term memory Download can deliver better knowledge acquisition, retention and application whilst reducing training times.


Dr Paul Kelley

An educationalist of international renown, Paul pioneered the practical application of neuroscience based learning and is one of the founding partners of Download Learning Ltd.


Proven Results

There have been many academic studies into neuroscience based learning by many notable academics and institutions; it is proven and scientifically accepted.


Download Works!

Download is being used by international organisations across multiple sectors from healthcare to security. In every case Download has delivered either better learning outcomes, reduced training times, or both.


It's Fast

Download modules present information very fast. You may feel like the information is coming at you too fast. It's not, you will be taking it in because Download is addressing your long-term memory.


Getting Distracted

Download modules contain distraction activities. These are a key part of the learning process and help deliver the time sequencing needed to form long-term memory. It may feel like unproductive time but it is actually helping speed up the learning process.