What is Download™?

Download™ is a new learning technology designed to deliver the benefits of Spaced Learning™ at scale within both the commercial and academic environments. Download™ is an evolutionary learning technology.

Benefits of Download™

  • Better knowledge acquisition
  • Better knowledge retention
  • Better knowledge application

The same learning outcomes have been achieved in one hour using our methodology as 23 hours of class room teaching; time and cost efficient.

How does it work?

Download™ utilises video based teaching modules that are optimised through structure, scripting, pacing and the use of audio and visual mnemonics to deliver Spaced Learning™.

The structure of a module reflects the Spaced Learning™ structure;

Input 1  -  Distraction Activity 1  -  Input 2  -  Distraction Activity 2  -  Input 3

The modules utilise specially design animation, annotation and voiceover to deliver the learning in multiple ways thereby addressing the learning biases of any student taking the module; e.g. each Download™ module will cater for a visual learner just as well as someone who prefers audio input.

The use of animation, careful scripting and the provision of the information in three distinct and different formats (Presentation, Q&A and Case Study) during the three inputs ensures that the learning experience is an engaging one, even if the subject is not. The modules are also designed to facilitate easy translation into multiple languages; particularly relevant where dealing with a sector which employs large numbers of foreign workers, e.g. construction, or where a company operates internationally.

The modules are designed primarily to be delivered by our purpose built platform, to individual learners, through PC, tablet or mobile but modules can be created or adapted for group/team training via other audio visual media.

Download™ is not an accelerated learning product, its aim is better learning outcomes. The fact that Download™ imparts knowledge quickly is a fortunate by-product.