Evolutionary Learning

Download™ delivers information in the optimal way for the brain to retain it. Its design reflects the way the brain has evolved to learn.

However, that is not where the science behind the effectiveness of Download™ ends.

Circadian rhythms and the effect that they have on the ability of a student to learn, are a hot topic in education; should the timings of the school day be changed to better reflect the body clock of the student? Current research suggests that, if circadian rhythms are taken into account, the best time for the school day to start would be after 13:00, not 9:00. This would enable student to concentrate better, bringing full their mental capacities to bear to improve their learning and significantly improve learning outcomes.

As we age our circadian rhythms change and our optimum time to learn, or work, usually gets earlier. But circadian rhythms vary for everyone so you will still have 40 year olds who are morning people and those that are night owls.

Dr Paul Kelley is also at the forefront of research into circadian rhythms and, under Paul guidance, we are developing a system, as part of the Download™ platform, that will identify the circadian rhythms of individual learners enabling them to study, via the platform, at the optimal time to maximise learning outcomes.

A system that will limit or remove extraneous stimulus or distractions thereby helping maximise concentration to deliver even a better learning outcomes is also in the pipeline.

This is why we refer to Download™ as the first evolutionary learning technology.