Proven Results

There have been many academic studies into neuroscience based learning; it is proven and scientifically accepted. One of the best known and influential was by Dr Douglas Fields and it is his research that forms the backbone of Download. The practical application of that neuroscience has been pioneered by Dr Paul Kelley. Paul’s research included applying Spaced Learning™ methods to the teaching of GCSEs whilst Head Master of Monkseaton High School and achieved dramatic results (23 hours of traditional classroom based learning delivered in just one hours of neuroscience based learning with no loss of learning outcome) which are the subject of peer reviewed papers.

The validation of Download was as a result of its inclusion in an independent study conducted by Surrey University. The University of Surrey Learning Tournament was designed to test the effectiveness of different learning methodologies and was the largest research study of its kind ever conducted. The full academic paper has not yet been published but the headline results revealed that Download significantly outperformed current teaching methodologies across all metrics including knowledge acquisition and application.