The Power of Long-term Memory

All current learning techniques address the short-term memory, but the short-term memory isn't very good at learning.

The short-term memory can only deal with a limited amount of information. Research has show that, on average, the short-term memory can only deal with seven bits of information at any one time. Or, to be exact, seven bits of information plus or minus two bits of information. In other words, we are not able to learn quickly.

Then, as the name suggests, the short-term memory degrades quickly. We loose approximately 10% of what we learn around an hour after we first learnt it and 79% after 31 days. After a year we only remember 10% of what we learn. This is known as the forgetting curve.

The long-term memory is 300,000 times more powerful than the short-term memory. That means by teaching directly to the long-term memory you can learn more, quicker. And, you won't forget it!

That is why Download modules present information so much faster than you are used to. It may be disconcerting at first, because you are not used to being taught directly to your long-term memory, but you are taking it in.