What is Spaced Learning™

You attend a lesson, lecture or training session and walked out confident that you understand everything you were just taught. But, only a few days later, when you come to apply what you thought you’d learnt you find you can’t; you realise that you don’t understand or can’t remember. Sound familiar?

That is because traditional teaching methods, whether classroom or eLearning based, address the conscious mind and the working memory. This means that your concentration on the subject in question is compromised as is your brains capability to take in and record what you are being taught.

In order to retain more of the information being delivered a teaching method needs to be employed that addresses the subconscious mind and the long term memory. To achieve this you need to teach through a methodology such as Spaced Learning™.

What is Spaced Learning™?

Spaced Learning™ is a teaching methodology based upon proven neuroscience into how the brain encodes memory and how knowledge is encoded in the long-term as opposed to the short-term or working memory. Spaced Learning™ is the practical manifestation of that neuroscience and addresses how the brain has evolved to learn.

How does Spaced Learning™ work?

Simply put, there are two elements to generating enhanced learning outcomes via Spaced Learning™.

The first is repetition. Repetition helps the brain decide what information is important and therefore worth embedding in the long term memory. The maximum teaching duration for a ‘repetition’, before concentration starts to diminish, is circa 18 minutes.

The second is the length of the gaps, or spaces, between those repetitions, no less that nine minutes and no more than eleven minutes. And, during those ‘spaces’ the brain has to be distracted from the learning task at hand to create three distinct learning periods. These ‘spaces’ help the brain start to encode information in the long term memory; they provide the ‘space’ for the chemical process to take place.

So the basic structure of Spaced Learning™ is; learn, rest, learn, rest, learn.